Can you really lose weight through yoga poses? This is a tricky question. Depending on your current health condition, if you are overweight and you are constantly feeding your body the junk food, then doing yoga alone isn’t going to help you lose weight.

Before we address the question whether yoga is useful for losing weight, we need to understand what yoga is an what you can do for us. Yoga is an older form of physical and mental discipline which originated in India. It comprises of various movements that require you to bend various parts of your body to be in balance. When you’re in balance, you will be in good health.

These movements are more than just for showing off how flexible your body is. When you do them correctly, each exercise will provide different beneficial energy to your body and mind. When your mind and body are in balance, everything will seem to be easy. That’s why people who practice yoga on a regular basis will find it easier shed off the pounds than those who do not.

So is losing weight through yoga possible? Yes, but only if you combine it with other regular exercises and a healthy diet. The benefits you get from practicing yoga will give you an active body and a disciplined mind which allows you to have more energy and concentration for your weight loss efforts.

Here are 10 yoga poses for are designed to help you shed unwanted pounds. Practicing these poses regularly will also give you an improvement on your overall health. Namaste!

  1. Warrior Pose
  2. Tree Pose
  3. Standing Forward Bend Pose
  4. Cobra Pose
  5. Wind-Releasing Pose
  6. Bow Pose
  7. Triangle Pose
  8. Legs Up The Wall Pose
  9. Warrior III
  10. Bridge Pose