Is your snacking habits getting in the way of your weight loss goals again? Snacking smartly is a huge part of weight loss and your choice of snack foods can affect how well your body will be able to burn fat. Although certain snacks can help curb hunger and give you an energy boost, not all snacks are created equally. As a general rule of thumb, avoid snacking too close to a meal. You should also avoid snacking out of habit, boredom, or stress because such eating habits often leads to overeating and ultimately weight gain.

Some snacks can create more cravings and lead you to eat more. When that happens, most people are unable to stop from eating more. When you eat too many calories, especially right before bed, it’s very hard for your body not to turn all that calories into fat…

If you’re serious about losing weight but you can’t seem to let go of your favorite snack, consider finding a healthier alternative or limit yourself to just one tasty snack a day.

Here are 12 terrible snacks for weight loss you should avoid. Enjoy!

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[uslider-slide heading=’#1 Flavored Yogurt’ desc=’Unlike Greek or plain yogurt, flavored yogurt are usually packed with sugar.’ img=’’]
[uslider-slide heading=’#2 Pretzels’ desc=’Pretzels might be low in fat but they are high in sodium.’ img=’’]
[uslider-slide heading=’#3 Candy Trail Mix’ desc=’Dried fruits are already high in sugar content. What happens when you throw in some extra candies?’ img=’’]
[uslider-slide heading=’#4 Diet Soda’ desc=’Loaded with artificial sweeteners that are basically bad for weight loss.’ img=’’]
[uslider-slide heading=’#5 Rice Cake’ desc=’High on the glycemic index. Can induce a spike in blood sugar when eaten on an empty stomach.’ img=’’]
[uslider-slide heading=’#6 Potato Chips’ desc=’Loaded with trans-fats, sodium and other preservatives.’ img=’’]
[uslider-slide heading=’#7 Latte’ desc=’Loaded with sugar, high in fat and that's bad news enough for your waistline.’ img=’’]
[uslider-slide heading=’#8 Chocolate Bars’ desc=’Loaded with sugar and high in calories. This is a no-brainer. If you have cravings for chocolate, get dark chocolate instead.’ img=’’]
[uslider-slide heading=’#9 Crackers’ desc=’High in sugar and sodium. Can create more cravings which can lead to overeating!’ img=’’]
[uslider-slide heading=’#10 Cookies’ desc=’Most cookies don't seem too bad per serving… But let's be honest, when it comes to cookie dunking, can you really limit yourself to only three?’ img=’’]
[uslider-slide heading=’#11 Ice Cream’ desc=’Loaded with sugar and artificial sweeteners. Additionally, it's high in calories and highly addicting. If you absolutely must have ice cream, try looking for better, homemade brands that are made from simple, healthier ingredients.’ img=’’]
[uslider-slide heading=’#12 Cheesecake’ desc=’High in fat, sugar, and sodium, all of which are hardly weight loss friendly…’ img=’’]