Who says you have to spend hours working out in a gym to be fit? What if we told you that you can work off that slice of pizza without doing a single squat? Impossible? Think again! Believe it or not, roughly 60% to 70% of the calories you burn every day is not from exercise but from your daily routines. Instead of working out 30 minutes a day and then sit for the rest of the day, why not start having daily routines that are more fun and rewarding?

For example, gardening might not seem like an intense activity but the constant motion of bending down and squatting while tending to a garden can really burn some calories and give your glutes a good workout. In fact, 30 minutes of weeding can burn more than 100 calories! Shopping too can help you burn some extra calories. Pushing the cart, taking and putting items into the cart, people dodging, walking to and fro, standing – 45 minutes of shopping can burn more than 100 calories!

Here are 12 ways to burn 100 calories without the workout. If you think you’re too busy to exercise, these activities can definitely help you burn some calories! Enjoy!

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[uslider-slide heading=’#1 1 Hour Of Singing’ img=’http://www.thisfood.rocks/images/12-ways-to-burn-100-calories-without-the-workout/t0.jpg’]
[uslider-slide heading=’#2 30 Minutes Of Planting Seedlings’ img=’http://www.thisfood.rocks/images/12-ways-to-burn-100-calories-without-the-workout/177e.jpg’]
[uslider-slide heading=’#3 30 Minutes Of Casual Dancing’ img=’http://www.thisfood.rocks/images/12-ways-to-burn-100-calories-without-the-workout/hhv.jpg’]
[uslider-slide heading=’#4 30 Minutes Of Trampoline’ img=’http://www.thisfood.rocks/images/12-ways-to-burn-100-calories-without-the-workout/e2n6cyo.jpg’]
[uslider-slide heading=’#5 15 Minutes Of Carrying Groceries Upstairs’ img=’http://www.thisfood.rocks/images/12-ways-to-burn-100-calories-without-the-workout/abqx.jpg’]
[uslider-slide heading=’#6 40 Minutes Of Vacuuming’ img=’http://www.thisfood.rocks/images/12-ways-to-burn-100-calories-without-the-workout/9l43o8.jpg’]
[uslider-slide heading=’#7 45 Minutes Of Shopping’ img=’http://www.thisfood.rocks/images/12-ways-to-burn-100-calories-without-the-workout/024.jpg’]
[uslider-slide heading=’#8 40 Minutes Of Mopping’ img=’http://www.thisfood.rocks/images/12-ways-to-burn-100-calories-without-the-workout/cpub.jpg’]
[uslider-slide heading=’#9 30 Minutes Of Lawn Mowing’ img=’http://www.thisfood.rocks/images/12-ways-to-burn-100-calories-without-the-workout/40146.jpg’]
[uslider-slide heading=’#10 45 Minutes Of Laughter’ img=’http://www.thisfood.rocks/images/12-ways-to-burn-100-calories-without-the-workout/9l.jpg’]
[uslider-slide heading=’#11 30 Minutes Of Weeding’ img=’http://www.thisfood.rocks/images/12-ways-to-burn-100-calories-without-the-workout/7g6sj.jpg’]
[uslider-slide heading=’#12 30 Minutes Of Car Washing’ img=’http://www.thisfood.rocks/images/12-ways-to-burn-100-calories-without-the-workout/p7.jpg’]