Stability ball exercises are fun to do and they are quite effective for burning belly fat when done properly. Stability ball is also known as Swiss ball or exercise ball. Although they are mainly used for improving stability and core training, you can also use it for exercising or as a chair! If you’re having trouble getting rid of the fat in your belly or losing that extra layer of fat, why not give stability ball a try?

Before you begin, make sure you use an exercise ball that is of the right size for your body height. Before doing any of the exercises, do warm-ups to stretch your muscles first. When you finish your stability ball workout, wind down and do a few minutes of stretching and breathing exercises to relax your muscles.

Here are 20 awesome stability ball exercises that you can do at home. Some of them might be challenging at first but with practice, you will master them in no time. Happy exercising!

  1. Swiss-Ball Overhead Squat
  2. Squat And Reach
  3. Standing Exercise Ball Squeeze
  4. Hamstring Curl W/ Chest Press
  5. Stability Ball Roll-Outs
  6. Stability Ball Lunge
  7. Stability Ball Reverse Extensions
  8. Wall Squat
  9. Stability Ball Plank
  10. Stability Ball Push Ups
  11. Fitness Ball Tricep Dips
  12. Back Extension
  13. Stability Ball Pike
  14. Stability Ball Pass Back
  15. Swiss Ball Knee Tucks
  16. Bridge Drag
  17. Skiers On Stability Ball
  18. Squat And Twist Reach
  19. Swiss Ball Leg Lifts
  20. Stability Ball Kneel & Balance