Can you really lose weight while eating more food? Most people’s idea of diet or weight loss is to simply starve yourself or restrict yourself to a few foods. While it might be possible to lose a few pounds with this approach, it is definitely not the healthiest way to lose weight. Instead of forcing yourself to follow an unrealistic diet, why not learn how to make better food choices and find ways to make them taste delicious and fun for you?

In reality, there are many different types of wholesome, delicious, and weight loss friendly foods that you can easily include your diet and many of them are easily available too. These foods will not only boost your metabolism but also help curb your cravings and ultimately help you to lose weight more naturally. Foods that are naturally low in calories but high in fluid content are especially great for weight loss. By eating more of these foods, you will actually feel more satisfied and find yourself eating less often.

Here are 23 delicious weight loss friendly foods that you should include more in your diet to help you shed some extra pounds. Have fun!

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[uslider-slide heading=’#1 Almonds’ img=’’]
[uslider-slide heading=’#2 Vegetable Juice’ img=’’]
[uslider-slide heading=’#3 Smoothie’ img=’’]
[uslider-slide heading=’#4 Soup’ img=’’]
[uslider-slide heading=’#5 Plain Yogurt’ img=’’]
[uslider-slide heading=’#6 Olive Oil’ img=’’]
[uslider-slide heading=’#7 Cayenne Peppers’ img=’’]
[uslider-slide heading=’#8 Peanuts’ img=’’]
[uslider-slide heading=’#9 Broccoli’ img=’’]
[uslider-slide heading=’#10 Cabbage’ img=’’]
[uslider-slide heading=’#11 Cauliflower’ img=’’]
[uslider-slide heading=’#12 Grapefruit’ img=’’]
[uslider-slide heading=’#13 Chia Seeds’ img=’’]
[uslider-slide heading=’#14 Coconut Oil’ img=’’]
[uslider-slide heading=’#15 Lettuce’ img=’’]
[uslider-slide heading=’#16 Spinach’ img=’’]
[uslider-slide heading=’#17 Salmon’ img=’’]
[uslider-slide heading=’#18 Eggs’ img=’’]
[uslider-slide heading=’#19 Tuna’ img=’’]
[uslider-slide heading=’#20 Oatmeal’ img=’’]
[uslider-slide heading=’#21 Avocado’ img=’’]
[uslider-slide heading=’#22 Chicken Breast’ img=’’]
[uslider-slide heading=’#23 Radishes’ img=’’]