Need an effective and natural way to suppress your appetite while dieting? We all know that cravings are one of the biggest enemies when it comes to losing weight. The urge to snack can strike between meals and emotional cravings for comfort foods can hit while at work or even in the middle of the night. Instead of hating yourself every time when you give in to the temptation, why not learn what foods can make you feel fuller for longer so you can avoid hunger pangs and suppress your hunger naturally.

Foods that can suppress your appetite are usually high in fiber. They are also naturally low in calories so they can make you feel fuller for longer. High fiber vegetables such as cauliflower and broccoli are two good examples of foods that can help suppress hunger. The more you eat them, the more satisfied you will feel, and the less likely you will snack on unhealthy foods.

Here are 26 foods that suppress hunger naturally. Enjoy!

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[uslider-slide heading=’#1 Pistachio’ img=’×5886.jpg’]
[uslider-slide heading=’#2 Celery’ img=’’]
[uslider-slide heading=’#3 Lentils’ img=’’]
[uslider-slide heading=’#4 Sourdough Bread’ img=’’]
[uslider-slide heading=’#5 Pine Nuts’ img=’’]
[uslider-slide heading=’#6 Almonds’ img=’’]
[uslider-slide heading=’#7 Peanuts’ img=’’]
[uslider-slide heading=’#8 Cayenne Peppers’ img=’’]
[uslider-slide heading=’#9 Flax Seeds’ img=’’]
[uslider-slide heading=’#10 Greek Yogurt’ img=’’]
[uslider-slide heading=’#11 Peanut Butter’ img=’’]
[uslider-slide heading=’#12 Water’ img=’’]
[uslider-slide heading=’#13 Green Peas’ img=’’]
[uslider-slide heading=’#14 Olive Oil’ img=’’]
[uslider-slide heading=’#15 Popcorn’ img=’’]
[uslider-slide heading=’#16 Apples’ img=’’]
[uslider-slide heading=’#17 Soup’ img=’’]
[uslider-slide heading=’#18 Chickpeas’ img=’’]
[uslider-slide heading=’#19 Black Beans’ img=’’]
[uslider-slide heading=’#20 Broccoli’ img=’’]
[uslider-slide heading=’#21 Cauliflower’ img=’’]
[uslider-slide heading=’#22 Salmon’ img=’’]
[uslider-slide heading=’#23 Eggs’ img=’’]
[uslider-slide heading=’#24 Mango’ img=’’]
[uslider-slide heading=’#25 Chicken Breast’ img=’’]
[uslider-slide heading=’#26 Green Tea’ img=’’]