Hash browns are often victimized as being an unhealthy food but is this really true? Depending on how you cook your them, hash browns can be quite healthy. Frying is a bad way to cook them because your hashbrowns will soak up a lot of oil. A healthier way to cook would be to bake them in the oven.

Next are the potatoes. To make healthy hash browns, you should use freshly grated potatoes or the convenient frozen version. Do not use hash browns patties because they are loaded with salt and oil.

With that said, here are 32 healthy, delicious hash browns recipes that are easy to make and they won’t break the calorie bank! Enjoy!

  1. Chicken And Broccoli Hash Brown Casserole
  2. Skinny Hash Brown Muffins
  3. Cheesy Hash Brown And Egg Breakfast Casserole
  4. Creamy And Crispy Hash Browns Frittata
  5. Slim Potato Casserole
  6. Eggs In Hash Brown Nests
  7. Breakfast Egg, Cheese, And Hash Brown Casserole
  8. Baked Sweet Potato Hash With Eggs
  9. Sweet Potato Hash Browns
  10. Easy Denver Omelet Hash Brown Casserole
  11. Breakfast Pizza With Hash Brown Crust
  12. Hash Browns
  13. Sweet Potato Hash Browns
  14. Sweet Potato Apple Hash Browns
  15. Sausage & Cheese Hash Brown Breakfast Bake
  16. Homemade Hash Browns With Spinach
  17. Hash Brown Cups
  18. Cheesy Hashbrown Casserole
  19. Hash Browns Made In The Waffle Iron
  20. Healthy Hash Brown Casserole
  21. Hash Brown Egg Nests With Avocado
  22. Cheese And Bacon Hash Brown Muffins
  23. Crispy Hash Browns
  24. Hash Brown Quiche Bacon
  25. Breakfast Pizza With Hash Brown Crust
  26. Roasted Spaghetti Squash Hash Browns
  27. Broccoli Hash Brown Cups
  28. Two Cheeses Sweet Potato Hash Brown
  29. Cheeseburger Hash Brown Cups
  30. Quiche With A Hash Brown Crust
  31. Creamy And Crispy Hash Browns Frittata
  32. Zucchini & Sweet Potato Hash Browns